Special Offers

Service Packages


  • Energy Work – 1 session                                                   $75

  • Energy Work Package of 3 Sessions                                $200

  • Energy Work Package of 6 Sessions                                $390

  • Energy Work Package of 10 Sessions                             $675

Energy Work consists of Reiki, Craniosacral, Orth-bionomy, Therapeutic Touch 


  • Foot Reflexology – 1 session                                              $60

  • Foot Reflexology – Package of 3 Sessions                        $165

  • Foot Reflexology Package of 6 sessions                           $330

  • Foot Reflexology Package of 10 sessions                         $540

Healing with Essential Oils – 

Custom Oil Blends – $30 for 5 ml bottle.
Custom Oils:  Custom oils are a blending of essential oils (‘pure therapeutic grade oil of the plant’). These can be used for managing various health issues and have been proven to change emotional states. In my practice, I use a ‘grounding and release’, ‘Joyful’ and ‘Enlightenment’ blend. As an added bonus…they smell divine.
If you would like, I can sit with you and together we can come up with an oil made specifically for you and whatever intention you would like to put into it.