Non-Invasive Pain Relief in Colorado Springs

The Philosophy of Non-Invasive Pain Relief

Healing Touch Pain Release in Colorado Springs uses only non-invasive pain relief techniques. Going through months, years, or decades being in pain in addition to countless medical tests  is invasive enough on a body. When someone has chronic pain, the body exists in a state of constant fight or flight, rendering invasive techniques ineffective. After years of using traditional therapies on clients, which could be quite painful, alternative methods were found to be more beneficial. Always keeping the client’s comfort in mind,  non-invasive pain relief uses gentle hands-on (or somatic) movements on the body, whether on the massage table or in a chair. All this is done in conjunction with using breathwork. The combination of these two enables a practitioner to tap into the body’s natural healing response patterns creating an extremely potent event to partially or completely release painful areas. Using the non-invasive Healing Touch practice has shown to be more effective with longer lasting results, often relieving a client’s pain in the first session or in just a few sessions.

Our Non-Invasive Pain Relief Techniques

The “TOUCH” from Healing Touch Pain Release is a combination of techniques learned over years of study. It began with the basics using massage modalities. Therapies such as Swedish, Deep, Trigger Point, and Myofascial release were used for years. Then Ortho-bionomy, hot stones, craniosacral, etc. were added. Studies of East Indian practices such as Ayurvedic, Yoga, and Meditation were also incorporated. During this entire time frame, movement of energy was introduced and became increasingly more involved with each client. Now, we know this movement as quantum physics or the movement shifts of energy on a subatomic level. Applying quantum physics to each and every session has increased the relief factor for clients immensely. This touch technique reduces or completely relieves pain about 90% of the time.

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“I absolutely love visiting Roberta at Healing Touch Pain Release for our foot reflexology sessions! She has been helping me for months now and I’ve never been disappointed.” Rachel L.

“I had a visit with Roberta and experienced amazing results! I have nerve damage and a tear in the tendon of my right wrist…I am so grateful to Roberta and her healing touch for helping me.” Christine W.