Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing

According to quantum physics, there is a unified energetic field that connects all things (people, animals, plants, etc.) Within this field, energy projected by a healer for close-range or distant healing is potentially identical. The intuitive or energetic ability of the healer is the determining factor in the quality of healing that occurs.

All major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, endorse and encourage the use of distant healing among their adherents. Distant healing is defined as “any purely mental effort undertaken by one person with the intention of improving physical or emotional well-being in another.”*

*Excerpted from “The Effects of Distant Healing Performed by a Spiritual Healer on Chronic Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial” (Alternative Therapies, May/Jun 2009).

Distant or remote healing is an ancient healing modality that has recently become acknowledged in modern Western medicine. Based on human abilities that have long been forgotten due to cultural shifts towards scientism, empiricism, and economic factors, individuals involved in providing remote energy healing modalities activate and consciously cultivate powerful internal healing aspects inherent within all human functioning. In activating these innate human gifts, internal empowerment mechanisms within the body of both healer and recipient are activated, and distant, remote or non-local, healing processes occur.

As a scientific field of investigation, remote healing is part of a larger and increasingly popular field of energy medicine. As an emerging field of study that holistically extends into various scientific, academic, and healing disciplines and professions, the mechanism or the “how it works” in remote healing remains elusive. Remote healing branches into many disciplinary frontier entry points that are just beginning to shape a greater understanding of how remote healing actually works. Both quantitative and qualitative research of various remote-healing modalities provide an increasingly important body of scientific evidence-based research upon which new studies are actively being undertaken all over the world. Over the last few decades, studies involved in subtle energy fields have been increasingly undertaken and published as sophisticated measuring tools and lenses are now able to accurately measure subtle energy fields through imagery, vibration, and harmonic resonance.    

What healers and shamans already see, sense, and know through intuitive awareness is now scientifically achievable through these various instruments of science-based measurement. In measuring, observing, and experiencing remote healing modalities, research scientists and healers are able to develop a more comprehensive set of perspectives and theories on the possible “how to” or mechanism for remote and distant healing.  As aspects of remote healing include the exploration of the terrain of consciousness, the complexity of human existence, and quantum and yet-discovered physics, such a query of the exact mechanism in this interrelated dynamic matrix may never truly be answered.

While the actual mechanism for remote healing continues to be the holy grail of energy medicine research, ongoing research provides substantial evidence to support remote healing as a highly effective healing modality for many disease conditions. Scientific research regarding remote healing has generally been based on a results-oriented, or cause-and-effect, type of research and analysis. Studies tend to measure before and after effects of remote healing. There are numerous studies (see Academic Link) that show the effectiveness of remote healing on a variety of illness and disease conditions, but studies concerned with the mechanistic aspect of remote healing tend to be theoretical and speculative. Qualitative research findings to date have been the most powerful in providing researchers with personal, first-hand healing accounts and experiences.

All matter is comprised of energy. Various frequencies that emanate from matter such as humans, plants, and objects as well as subtle energy space is scientifically measurable. Contemporary science is constantly developing measuring tools and devices that can effectively measure such subtle energy fields and their frequencies, matter, and various subtle energy dimensions including those within and around the body sphere. Subtle realms and harmonic frequencies, however, are measurable and show variations around and within the body, in our environment, and throughout our atmosphere.  

Quantum physicists and scientists such as William Tiller, Irwin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake, Beverly Rubik and others from diverse academic and scientific disciplines posit a variety of conceptual ideas that are rooted in theoretical modeling as well as scientific, evidence-based research.  Scientists from various scientific, medical, healing, and consciousness study communities posit various combinations of quantifiable and qualitative research as well as theoretical modeling systems that attempt to answer how healing actually works.  While there are many approaches to answering this question, some current postulations suggest that remote healing may actually be transferred or exchanged within a particular harmonic field resonance and that healing may occur via the Russian-discovered torsion field.  Such continued research is generally based on the exploration of consciousness, biofield properties, and quantum mechanics field information.

It may be difficult to imagine how a healer may actually transmit a healing effect if the client is not in the same room as the healer. Energy is not particularly transferred–in other words it doesn’t really travel anywhere. What current science supports is the notion that a healing action occurs simultaneously in nonlocal space. The term and concept of nonlocal space is used frequently in the discourse of science and healing. Its implications, which are based on quantum mechanics research and experimental findings in torsion field research, suggest that there can be a simultaneous action-reaction dynamic within or throughout vast physical distance or geographic space using such communications mediums as phone or skype. Thus an energy practitioner once linked into an energetic signature of a client can effectively work in a different time zone and from a different country using any communications medium. All energetic information is available within our connective energy grid of consciousness. Energy practitioners or healers are just tuned into energy frequencies and are able to tap into the field of subtle energies and work to shift the subtle energy fields of individuals.