Client Testimonials

I had a fantastic reflexology session with Roberta. She is so incredibly caring and compassionate. When I left, I felt calm, grounded, and relaxed. I would highly recommend you visit her today!

Karrie P.

Roberta is amazing! Her grounded spirit resets and tones the people she touches. Her gifted, no-nonsense approach was welcomed.

Sherry M.

Roberta is an gentle healer with a big heart! Whether she is doing energy work or custom oils, each treatment is tailored to the individual. She’s truly amazing!

Amanda N.

I am amazed by the healing I received from Roberta. She has extraordinary gifts and honestly I couldn’t begin to explain how she does what she does! I felt like I was transported into a realm of profound relaxation and healing.

Sonya S.

I had a visit with Roberta and experienced amazing results! I have nerve damage and a tear in the tendon of my right wrist. It causes me a lot of pain. I was at a level 7/8 when I saw Roberta.
I felt some relief after the initial treatment

Christine W.

I read through the reviews, and I agree with all the comments! Roberta is kind, compassionate, gifted, and calmed my emotions as she worked with me. Her loving spirit radiates empathy. Her healing touch greatly helped decrease some troubling negative emotions I sometimes deal with.

Jennifer L.

Roberta is helping me to prepare for an upcoming surgery. I saw her today for foot reflexology. She is discerning and has a firm but gentle touch and years of experience in many different healing modalities. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.

Linda F.

Roberta’s healing touch is magical. I had no idea what to expect, but I was at my wit’s end. My left knee and a spot on my lower back were so painful that every step was sheer agony…Within 48 hours of my first session I experienced relief from my knee pain and in two sessions, the back pain was significantly decreased…

Susan H.