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Healing Touch Pain Release works in conjunction with healthcare providers to heal people who experience chronic pain, through non-invasive healing techniques. Simply stated, we are devoted to healing people who experience chronic pain. Roberta Millard, of Healing Touch Pain Release, has an accumulation of 20+ years of education, experience, hard work, and dedication to becoming in tune to a gift of using quantum physics to shift and release pain. Healing Touch Pain Release combines many traditional and alternative modalities to tap into the body’s innate wisdom and response patterns. The effect is a gentle and effective treatment session with each individual and their own unique situation, which led them to our door.

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Defining a Healer?

The spectrum “healer” ranges from traditional doctor to the alternative with many different medical perspectives in between.  Healing Touch Pain Release combines the use of quantum physics (movement shifts on a subatomic level), learned physical techniques, and subtle-body energy methods. Because everyone’s situation is unique, each healing is different. For example, a trained healer can work with people who experience nerve issues (eg., fibromyalgia) that cannot be physically touched. In which case, the healer would use their hands off of the physical body, sometimes an inch and other times further away from the body, depending upon the individual seeking relief.  Another example would be someone who is unable to travel (eg., bed-ridden). In these cases, the healer would be able to work long distance. An experienced healer is able to do all of these things and much more.

Proven Results

“Roberta is a true healer! I have had chronic pain in my shoulder for over three years… She was gentle yet effective in healing the pain in my body and when the session was over, I felt 100% better than when I first walked in the door.”

Mellissa L.

“I wish that I had started with this technique for my pain instead of waiting so long. She took the time to go over all of the aches and pains I was having throughout my body. My session was nothing short of incredible.”

Lori W.

You deserve to feel well and pain free!